Great Paws Lodge and Day Camp

What to Expect When Lodging Your Pet with Us


Lodging your pet with Great Paws Lodge and Day Camp ensures that your pet receives reliable, safe care that you can count on when you go on vacation, an extended weekend or experience a situation that leaves you temporarily unable to care for your pet, like a family emergency.

Friendly Caring Staff

When you lodge your pet with us for a short weekend stay or a long-term stay, you can expect a friendly, caring, knowledgeable staff that will treat your pet like a member of our own families. Your beloved pet will receive positive attention, treats, food, walks and plenty of playtime to ensure he or she is happy.

What to Bring for Your Pet’s Stay

We encourage all pet parents to bring their cat or dog’s favorite toys, bedding, food, and treats. This helps ensure that your pet is relaxed and comfortable during his or her stay, and especially important if you have a picky eater or a pet that is on a special diet. We’ll also need to see documents related to your pet’s vaccination records. 

We do require that all pets are fully vaccinated before entering out boarding center in order to ensure that your pet stays healthy and doesn’t transmit illnesses to our other furry guests. It’s also a good idea to bring your dog’s leash and transport your cat in his or her cat carrier.

Convenient Drop-off and Pickup Times

We offer convenient morning, afternoon and evening drop-off and pickup times so that you do not have to rush. Instead, you can take your time preparing everything your pet needs for his or her stay, drive to our pet boarding center, say a temporary good-bye to your pet and let our staff care for him or her while you are away.

Your Pet’s Day at our Lodging Center

Your pet’s stay is full of activity and socialization with plenty of time for dogs and cats to rest and recharge.

  • Dogs and cats are fed in the morning and evening.
  • Dogs are walked or let out to play in our outdoor fenced-in yards at least four times a day.
  • Cats are petted or allowed into our private kitty playrooms at least twice a day.
  • We walk dogs 4 times a day, and the “doggie play area” might lead people to think their dogs are playing in our day camp room with other dogs, when they are not.
  • Before bedtime, every pet is given fresh water and observed to make sure they are happy and healthy.
  • Kitty litter boxes are emptied once a day.

Picking Up Your Pet

Once your vacation, business trip or family emergency has ended, picking up your pet is easy. Simply come by and our staff members will bring your furry family member to you. We will take you to a private area to receive your pet. 

If you have left one or more dogs, our staff members will bring them to you on leashes so that you can get reacquainted and head home. If you left one or more cats, they will be brought to you in their cat carriers.

To learn more about our Pet Lodging center and to schedule your pet’s stay, give us a call today 


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