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Welcome to Our Experienced Friendly Boarding Center

Small dog in a boarding room

When you need to board your pet for a weekend stay or a long-term stay, you can count on Great Paws Lodge and Day Camp to ensure that your pet is well-fed, happy and relaxed. Each of our professional staff members are trained in the handling and care of cats and dogs, and a manager is always on staff to ensure your beloved furry family member is comfortable and healthy.

Benefits of Pet Boarding with Great Paws Lodge and Day Camp

We offer long-term and short-term full-service dog and cat boarding, according to your wishes. Each of our boarding staff members is trained in how to properly handle all breeds and sizes of pets safely so that your pet always feels comfortable and relaxed. You can even customize your dog or cat’s stay with us, and we can give your pet any needed daily medications. 

For extra safety, we do ask that all pets are fully vaccinated for rabies, distemper and other pet-communicable diseases, like kennel cough, before being brought into our facility. If you are not sure where to take your pet for vaccinations prior to his or her stay, we can offer recommendations. We also have a veterinarian on call for pet emergencies.

Dropping Off Your Furry Companion

Once you drop your dog or cat off at our boarding center, he or she will be escorted to a private kitty condo or doggie run. If you have more than one pet that is to be boarded with us, we offer extra large kitty condos and doggie runs that can house multiple pets safely and comfortably along with all their bedding and favorite toys.

During Your Pet’s Stay

Each pet housed with us is fed twice a day and exercised or socialized multiple times a day. Dogs are taken for walks at least twice a day and can have access to our doggie daycare where he or she can frolic with a few of the other pets staying at our center. If you’d prefer not to have your dog interact with other dogs, we offer multiple, private daily walks and playtime with our staff members in our fenced yard.

Feline Friends

For cats, we offer private kitty condos and kitty playrooms where your cat can climb, explore and play. If you have more than one cat staying with us, we can house, feed and exercise them together if you wish. We also offer daily petting and affection from one of our staff members. Your cat’s litter box will also be cleaned every day.

At the end of your pet’s long or short-term stay, we offer professional bathing services. One the day of your pet’s departure, we can shampoo and condition your pet’s hair and perform a full comb-out so that your pet smells and looks great upon your arrival.

To learn more about pet boarding services at Great Paws Lodge and Day Camp or to schedule your pet’s stay, give us a call today at (618) 969-9663.


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